The “Azienda Vitivinicola Eredi Ing. N. Guglierame” Winery, currently run by brother and sister, Raffaele, Agostino and Elisa Guglierame, comprises approximately 2.5 hectares of vineyards, passed down from generation to generation, by the Marquises of Clavesana. The cultivation of the Ormeasco vine was introduced in 1299 with the Statute of the Gestores Universitatis Pornaxi drafted by the Notary Gandalini.

Ormeasco wine has received recognition by being accorded its own D.O.C status, called Ormeasco di Pornassio, or even just Pornassio, which has a ruby red colour (Ormeasco) if made by the red wine vinification method, and pink coral (Ormeasco sciac-trà) if made by the white wine vinification method. Its alcohol content varies from 12 to 14 per cent depending upon weather conditions during the growing season >>





The vines are situated in a mountainous area, 550 m above sea level. They originate from the ancient estates of the Marquisate Scarella from which the Guglierame family descends and, for this reason, they are positioned in one of the best locations for cultivating vines.

The particular characteristics of the land, the plentiful amount of sunshine, combined with the “naturalness” of the cultivation process and the craftsmanship of the winemaking ensure that excellent quality wine is produced from the grapes that are harvested >>